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  1. First you need to install Forge for Minecraft 1.12.2.
  2. Open the KAMI Blue installer
  3. Select the version that you want to install (latest or beta)
  4. Open Forge through the Minecraft launcher

If you are on Mac then to open the jar you must hold control and right click and select Open in order to open the jar. This is because we don’t want to pay for Apple’s $$$ developer license so it gives you a warning.

If you want to manually install the jar to a MultiMC instance or something, you can still drag the jar file to the mods folder and it works just fine, as the jar is both a Forge mod and installer.


Open the GUI

Press Y.

You can change this with ;bind clickgui rshift

Bind modules

Run ;bind <module> <key>.

You can unbind modules with backspace or delete in the GUI or by running ;bind <module> none

You can also use ;bind modifiers on to allow modules to be bound to keybinds with modifiers, e.g ctrlshiftw or ctrlc.

Use commands

The default prefix is ;. Commands are used through chat, use ;commands for a list of commands.


To use Baritone, use the ;b command

Show HUD elements on screen

In order to show HUD elements on screen when the GUI is closed, hit the pin in the top left of it.

Change command prefix

By using the command ;prefix <new Prefix> (eg ;prefix .) or after having ran KAMI Blue (make sure it’s closed), editing your configuration file (find it using ;config path in-game) and changing the value of commandPrefix to change the prefix.

Will there ever be a version for newer Minecraft versions?

No, KAMI Blue’s codebase is too big and relies on Forge events way too much to port to a newer version. Instead, you can use KAMI, a 1.16.x client.

Missing menus

Run ;fixgui and if that doesn’t help, make your GUI Scale smaller through the Minecraft settings and move your stuff back on screen.